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News 2018

1st October 2018

There is nothing much new to report at the moment other than the fact that my New Year's Resolution to update the site more regularly seems to have failed miserably! Other projects are currently taking precedence so there isn't even much happening with the collection but I will get back to them as soon as I have more time. Meanwhile the collection of records, needle tins and accessories continues to grow slowly but surely.


3rd September 2018

I can't believe that its been over five months since I posted any updates but too many other projects keep getting in the way. Nothing much to report but I have spent the last couple of days carrying out some essential maintenance on several of the gramophones. My HMV157, crocodile covered HMV101 and Decca 120 have all been lubricated and the HMV Model 58 has had attention to the tone-arm pivot and governor. I've also re-built one of my spare brass HMV Nº4 sound-boxes with a new set of rubber gaskets.    


29th March 2018

I've just added a new video clip of the Columbia Model 100 playing a recording by Layton & Johnstone.


24th March 2018

A new addition to the collection is a Columbia Model 100 which was found a few weeks ago on an internet site. It has recently been cleaned and serviced and I've just added it to the Collection and Photos pages of the site.


4th March 2018

There have been a couple of new batches of video clips added to the website recently. The first two are 'Missouri Blues' played by Six Brown Brothers on my G&T Senior Monarch and 'I Miss My Swiss' by Paul Whiteman's Orchestra played on the HMV Model 157. This weekend I've added three more: Debroy Somers Band playing 'Dance of The Navvies' on my HMV SB101, a blinding arrangement of 'The Jolly Jazzers' performed by Sid Phillips And His Band and, finally, the B-Side of Missouri Blues - 'I'll Say She Does' a medley played by the Six Brown Brothers on my c.1925 Gilbert Geisha portable. Enjoy!

16th February 2018

I've spent this afternoon changing the spring in my SB101 as mentioned below. I've put a few pictures on the 'Workshop' page which can be found here. Once the new spring has settled in I'll try to post a new video clip.


13th February 2018

I finally got around to ordering a replacement spring for the crocodile blue HMV101 which has arrived today so that looks like a job for this weekend sometime.


28th January 2018

I can't believe that it's been 7 months since I added any updates to the site. That doesn't mean that my interest has waned at all . . . it's just that family life, work commitments and other projects keep getting in the way! However, New Year . . . New Resolutions, my aim is to add updates to this page more frequently and to add new video clips whenever I can. As far as the machines are concerned, I have several tasks that are awaiting attention; I've decided that the crocodile HMV101 (mentioned last time) will need a new spring after all so I'll look to source and fit that as soon as I can. A few of the gramophones could also do with a lubrication and minor service . . particularly the Columbia Grafonola which I played a couple of nights ago and I'm still toying (off and on) with the idea of having the metalwork on my Senior Monarch re-plated. Off now to enjoy an afternoon of vintage music.   

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