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News 2024

10th July 2024

Last weekend I finally finished sorting through the pile of records that I was given recently. All being well I'll get around to posting some new video clips at some point and I must also photograph the HMV145 for the website. Many things to put on the 'To Do' list!

11th June 2024

Along with the HMV model 145 which I acquired from an acquaintance last year, I was also given around 100+ 78 records which I've just started sorting and cataloguing. You never know - there might be some gems among them!

6th June 2024

Toady I've finished recreating all the missing hyperlinks in the archived news pages so they should all be working correctly now. If you do discover a missing link (not the caveman type - obviously) please let me know. I hope you enjoy the new look and new content of the gramophone collector website.

5th June 2024

Last year I was given, by a friend,  a HMV model 145 bijou grand. This had, unfortunately, had the legs sawn off at some point in the past, presumably to reduce its height although the rest of the machine was in reasonable condition and responded well to the usual renovation process. The major task was to find some suitable legs and, more importantly, create some kind of base to attach them too. This work is now completed and today I've added it to the collection page. Photos and video links will follow as soon as I'm able. Thanks to Chris C who gave me the gramophone and also a large quantity of 78's.

31st May 2024

I've spent a couple of hours today recreating the missing hyperlinks on the old news archive pages. I've completed a couple of years but I think this will be an ongoing task for a little while yet.

30th May 2024

The newly reworked videos page has gone live today. These are all links to clips on my Youtube channel so you can play them on this website or watch them on Youtube. Good quality speakers or headphones will enhance the sound. 

28th May 2024

It's taken many months of hard work but the new website is finally going live! There are still changes to be made and new content to be added but I hope you like the new look and layout. Some links may not work correctly yet, but bear with us while we sort out all the bugs. The mobile version will follow as soon as possible.

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