Pathe Pathe Pathe Portable 01 This mid-1930's Pathe portable is covered in a faux snake-skin fabric/paper. 205998291 Pathe Portable 02 The original carrying handle is intact. 205998296 Pathe Portable 03 The snake-skin covering is worn in places but perfectly usable. 205998292 Pathe Portable 04 This picture shows the case open with the winding handle and tone-arm stored in their carrying positions. 205998293 Pathe Portable 05 Set up and ready to play. 205998294 Pathe Portable 06 Here it is in action! The HMV Nš2 Soundbox is a temporary substitute until a suitable replacement can be found for the damaged original. 205998290 Pathe Portable 07 The threaded winding handle screws in to a socket on the motor-board. 205998295 Pathe Portable 08 Speed regulator and brake controls are all fairly standard 1930's fittings. 205998289 Pathe Portable 09 The whole case is a pressed metal construction similar to a Columbia Model 100. 205998288 Pathe Portable 10 The Nš25 motor is stamped "Made In France". 205998287 Pathe Portable 11 As you can see, the original Pathe Nš D.130 Soundbox is in terrible condition having suffered multiple cracks and fractures in the pot-metal casting. 205998286