HMV Model 102 Green HMV Model 102 Green HMV102G 01 Case closed R/H/ side. The outer metalwork is in good condition. 205836386 HMV102G 02 Case closed L/H side. 205836391 HMV102G 03 Case closed on end. The original carrying handle is slightly worn but perfectly serviceable. 205836390 HMV102G 04 Case opened with the winding handle still in the storage position. 205836389 HMV102G 05 Case open showing the winding handle and tone-arm in position and ready to play. 205836387 HMV102G 06 The c.1934/35 HMV-102 in action. 205836388 HMV102G 07 The slightly later N5B sound-box. The exact date that the factory introduced the 5B is unknown so it's impossible to know whether this was an original fitting or a later substitution. 205836383 HMV102G 08 Inside the lid the original HMV 'Nipper' logo is in perfect condition. 205836385 HMV102G 09 The HMV N5B Sound-box currently fitted to this machine. 205836384