HMV SB101D Blue Croc HMV SB101D Blue Croc HMV SB101D 01 Outer case from the L/H side. All the fittings were in pretty good condition after cleaning. 204130093 HMV SB101D 02 Outer case from the front. The two flap lock is complete and working. 204130117 HMV SB101D 03 Outer case from the front-right corner. 204130118 HMV SB101D 04 Outer case on edge showing top and front. 204130127 HMV SB101D 05 Outer case on edge showing side and bottom. Both the carrying handle and all four feet have survived in good condition. 204130128 HMV SB101D 06 HMV SB101D shown with the case open. The turntable felt is a replacement and the winding handle would not originally been stored in the lid. 204130119 HMV SB101D 07 HMV SB101D with the case open and the tonearm & winder in the playing position. Manual brake and speed control are all standard 101 fittings. 204130120 HMV SB101D 08 A closeup of the tonearm and soundbox. 204130121 HMV SB101D 09 All fittings have survived in amazing condition. 204130122 HMV SB101D 10 The holder for a 'Tungstyle' needle tin is not correct for this machine. The rear motorboard is from a 101E. 204130125 HMV SB101D 11 Ready to play. 204130126 HMV SB101D 12 A fine view of the 'His Master's Voice' label on the record storage flap. This flap has since been replaced by another in the correct black crocodile effect finish. 204130124 HMV SB101D 13 A closeup of the early, all-brass HMV Nš4 soundbox. 204130123