Peter Pan Gramophone Peter Pan Gramophone Peter Pan 01 Case closed, front view. 202138078 Peter Pan 02 Case closed, rear 3/4 view. 202138079 Peter Pan 03 Case closed from the top showing the leather carrying handle. 202138080 Peter Pan 04 Case closed from the front showing winding escutcheon, start/stop and speed controls. Start/stop is lower centre, speed regulator is higher up on the left. 202138081 Peter Pan 05 Peter Pan with case opened. All of the parts store inside the case for transportation. 202138082 Peter Pan 06 Case open, tone-arm, winding handle, (folded) turntable and soundbox are all removed from the case. 202138083 Peter Pan 07 'Bellows' type horn, folded for storage. 202138085 Peter Pan 08 After releasing the end flap, the horn folds up into position. 202138086 Peter Pan 09 The tone-arm and soundbox fitted onto the top of the horn bracket. 202138087 Peter Pan 10 The turntable is a push-fit onto the spindle once un-folded. 202138088 Peter Pan 11 Ready to play! The Peter Pan Gramophone is quite capable of playing full sized records. 202138089 Peter Pan 12 The Swiss-made Peter Pan soundbox. 202138084 Peter Pan 13 Makers plaque showing patent details. 202138090