HMV58 HMV58 HMV58_000 Before As purchased. Here's a quick phone pic taken when the machine arrived: note the missing soundbox, backwards gooseneck and overall condition. 200314821 HMV58_001 Main case Compare this with the previous picture. Now cleaned and refurbished, replacement soundbox fitted and turntable felt renewed. 200314822 HMV58_002 Doors open Doors open showing louvres. 200314823 HMV58_003 Angled 3/4 angle view with doors open. 200314824 HMV58_004 Turntable Close-up of the turntable and motor-board. 200314825 HMV58_005 Tone-arm detail Gooseneck tone-arm and replacement soundbox. 200314826 HMV58_006 Winding handle Detail of the winding handle. 200314827 HMV58_007 Nipper Logo A good view of the original HMV Nipper logo on the machine's side panel. 200314828 HMV58_008 Tone-arm Close-up detail of the tone-arm with gooseneck extended. 200314829 HMV58_009 Quadrant regulator The quadrant style speed regulator, cleaned and polished but all original. 200314830 HMV58_010 Soundbox The replacement British built 'Exhibition' soundbox:- I was lucky enough to have this available from another machine (which it was matched with incorrectly). 200314832 HMV58_011 Door knobs A view of the ornate door knobs which were used on a very few models around this time. 200314831 HMV58_012 Paper labels Original paper labels showing model number 58 and the shipping date of 13/7/22. 200314834 HMV58_013 Motor Double spring, worm drive motor used in the Model 58. 200377163