Thorens Excelda Thorens Excelda Excelda 01 Closed case measuring 2 x 11 x 4 inches. 198097358 Excelda 02 The knurled nut is also used to hold down the record during play. 198097356 Excelda 03 Excelda closed. 198097357 Excelda 04 The hole for the winding handle is clearly seen on this side. 198097348 Excelda 05 With the lid removed you can see how all the fittings store inside. 198097349 Excelda 06 All fittings removed from the case. 198097350 Excelda 07 The tonearm and soundbox assembly. 198097351 Excelda 08 Assembled with winding handle fitted and waiting for a record. 198097352 Excelda 09 Ready to play. 198097353 Excelda 10 During play. The Excelda will easily play records of any size up to 10" 198097361 Excelda 11 A close-up of the mechanics showing the 2" (64mm) turntable and a glimpse of the single spring motor. The outlet from the wooden horn is to the right. 198097354 Excelda 12 Wording varied throughout production but this early example reeds "Patents Applied For, Swiss Made". 198097359 Excelda 13 The embossed Excelda name on the leather carrying handle. 198097360 Excelda 14 Typical Swiss made 'Concert' soundbox. This design has been used many times over the years with different brand names. 198097355