Sternogem Sternogem Sternogem 01 Sternogem with case closed. Finished in brown crocodile effect. 197157739 Sternogem 02 Case closed showing controls on the right-hand end. 197157740 Sternogem 03 Case with the lid closed. 197157741 Sternogem 04 Case open. The lid opens to 90 to support the tone-arm at the correct height/angle. 197157742 Sternogem 05 Sternogem with the tone-arm swung out and the turntable in position. Notice the metal sound reflector in the lid. 197157743 Sternogem 06 Ready to play. 197157745 Sternogem 07 The folding turntable easily supports a standard 10" record. 197157746 Sternogem 08 Sternogen gramophone in full stride. 197157747 Sternogem 09 Close-up detail of the tone-arm and horn. 197157744 Sternogem 10 Winding handle and separate start/stop and speed controls. 197157748 Sternogem 11 Un-branded soundbox on the Sternogem gramophone. The rubber gaskets have been replaced. 197157749 Sternogem 12 Sternogem brand logo stamped into the horn. 197157750