Workshop Photos Workshop Photos Workshop pics 001 As mentioned in previous posts, proper work gloves and eye protection is essential whenever working with gramophone springs. 195804422 Workshop pics 002 The broken original spring. Notice that the top two (inner) coils are broken and almost detached from the rest. The surface rust is the result of less than 48 hours of hanging here. 195804418 Workshop pics 003 The original springs were identifiable as genuine HMV parts. 195804417 Workshop pics 004 The replacement spring (L) and the remaining good original (R). Both are 1" wide x 13'6" long and together form a continuous spring (almost a figure-of-8) of 27'0". 195804419 Workshop pics 005 The N32 motor and spring barrel after cleaning out the hardened old grease. Don't remove the governor unless its absolutely necessary as getting them set-up again to run smoothly can be a problem. 195804420 Workshop pics 006 The empty spring barrel. Note that the the two spring retaining hooks face in opposite directions. 195804421 Workshop pics 007 The first (bottom) spring fitted. This spring coils in the ant-clockwise direction. 195804423 Workshop pics 008 Shown again with a liberal coating of grease. 195804424 Workshop pics 009 The internal spring divider in place. This plate prevents the two springs from rubbing or interlocking together. 195804425 Workshop pics 010 The second (top) spring is wound into place. This spring coils in the clockwise direction. The two springs working together produce a continuous length of 27'0". 195804426 Workshop pics 011 The top spring shown again after greasing. 195804427 Workshop pics 012 The end cap and retaining clip are gently tapped into position to close the barrel. 195804428 Workshop pics 013 Finally, with winding gear and great-wheel refitted, the whole spring barrel assembly is ready to go back into the motor bedplate. 195804429