HMV110 HMV110 HMV 110 1 Lid closed, sitting on top of the matching record storage cabinet. 195684173 HMV 110 2 Lid open. 195684174 HMV 110 3 Front doors open to reveal louvres in the mouth of the horn. Cabinet door also shown open. 195684175 HMV 110 4 General overview of the HMV110. 195684176 HMV 110 5 The turntable felt is original. A small amount of pitting on the speed indicator is the only plating defect, all other metalwork being in excellent condition. 195684177 HMV 110 6 Close-up of the tapered gooseneck tone-arm and N2 soundbox. 195684178 HMV 110 7 Needle pots, tone-arm pivot and scroll-frame logo. 195684181 HMV 110 8 The original HMV N2 soundbox is in excellent condition. 195684182 HMV 110 9 Wooden louvres at the mouth of a cast iron horn. 195684179 HMV 110 10 The N32 motor has been fully cleaned, adjusted and lubricated. The open-spoked great wheel was in use until around 1926. 195684172 HMV 110 11 'Floating' cast iron horn with wooden louvres photographed whilst the cabinet was being French Polished. 195684171 HMV 110 12 Record storage in the matching cabinet which has also been re-polished to match. 195684180 HMV 110 13 A before-and-after shot of the gramophone and record cabinet in the French Polishers workshop. 195684170