Colibri Colibri Colibri 1 The closed case, looking like a small box camera. 195010028 Colibri 2 Opening the case reveals the parts stored inside for transport. 195010029 Colibri 3 The winding handle and Swiss made soundbox. 195010030 Colibri 4 The soundboard raises into position and the tonearm is telescopic. 195010031 Colibri 5 The Colibri shown with all the parts fitted and ready for use. Notice the tiny 30mm turntable. 195010032 Colibri 6 Reverse side showing the 'horn' outlet closed. 195010033 Colibri 7 Outlet for the horn in the open position. The flap is spring-loaded but held on a catch. 195010034 Colibri 8 The Colibri gramophone will play through a full sized 78 record with ease. 195010036 Colibri 9 The Swiss made, single spring motor from the Colibri. 195010027