Victor Model R Victor Model R Victor R 1 The Victor Model R. This machine is much small than it looks . . the turntable is only 7" diameter. 186299979 Victor R 2 All fittings are original. 186299980 Victor R 3 Detail of the screw speed control and pivot brake. The record on the turntable is only 5". 186299985 Victor R 4 Victor Model R. The travelling arm is of the standard oak, on edge, style. 186299981 Victor R 5 Original horn has seen plenty of use but is still perfectly serviceable. 186299982 Victor R 6 The Exhibition Junior soundbox is slightly smaller than a standard Exhibition. This one may require some attention. 186299983 Victor R 7 Victor Talking Mch. Co. makers plate states: TYPE: R, Serial No. 8293 186299984