Thorens Graphonette Thorens Graphonette Thorens 1 Outer case. 178351623 Thorens 2 Outer case closeup. 178351624 Thorens 3 The leather carrying strap is worn but servicable. 178351631 Thorens 4 With the lid open. 178351625 Thorens 5 Set up in the playing position. 178351626 Thorens 6 Open in playing position. Notice the tiny size of the horn with the 'Made in Switzerland' sticker on it. 178351629 Thorens 7 Close up view of the sound box. 178351627 Thorens 8 Start/stop and speed control combined. 178351630 Thorens 9 'A Jupiter' was the name of the retailer who originally sold the machine. 178351628