Columbia Grafonola 'Savoy' Columbia Grafonola 'Savoy' Columbia 1 Lid and louvres closed. 178343246 Columbia 2 Winding handle detail. This model has a powerful triple-spring motor. 178343247 Columbia 3 General view of the Columbia in playing position. 178343248 Columbia 4 View of the platter and tone arm. Notice the spare/used needle holders and the repair to the damaged tone arm & knuckle - now replaced. 178343249 Columbia 5 Sound outlet for the horn has adjustable louvres to control the volume similar to the swell shutters on a pipe organ. 178343250 Columbia 6 A close up of the original Columbia sound box. 178343251 Columbia 7 Columbia Grafonola transfer inside the lid. 178343252 Columbia 8 Close up of the speed indicator. 178343253 Columbia 9 Left and right: The broken original tone arm (with a bolt holding it together) and original soundbox next to the replacement tone arm and soundbox. 185629993 Columbia 10 Original and replacement tone arms. 185629994 Columbia 11 The small, English made Columbia soundbox next to the much larger Columbia USA N6. 185629995 Columbia 12 Cleaned and refurbished tone arm and N6 soundbox fitted to the Grafonola. 185629996 Columbia 13 Rear view of the soundbox and tone arm. 185629997